Minister Emry in 2009.


██████ ██████████

████-██-██ (age ██)

Occupation: Minister for Extraordinary Means
Years Active: 1███–present
Spouse: None
Children: None

Early Life



Emry holds two Oxford-issued doctorates, one in Political Psychology (issued ████-██-██) and one in Mathematical Chemistry (issued ████-██-██)


Caroline Emry, as she is now known, first joined the Ministry of Extraordinary Means in early ████████ of 1███.

Minister Emry's first appearance in the Ministry records available to operative-level clearance is of an incident during the London Blitz, at which point she had recently stepped into the role of Minister.

During one round of bombing, the new Minister herself endured ten minutes of hand-to-hand combat with a lycanthrope hunting during the blackout, backing it into a dead end until a suppression team could arrive from ███████████. Upon their arrival, Minister Emry issued a stern warning about 'lax response times,' before issuing the beast another firm kick to the temple and ordering an escort back to the holdout in ███████████.

In her time as Minister, she has demonstrated an efficiency that borders on ruthlessness, as well as a keen and incisive mind.

Personal Relationships


Caroline Emry visits Washington, D.C. for a DSR liaison function in 2011. Pictured on the left is Mythos Division operative Bartholomew Prior.

A committed spinster and workaholic, the Minister is not known for forming personal attachments. She demonstrates little humour and has no patience for banter or timewasting, especially from the operatives under her command.

She attends events as and when duty requires, however, as she is all too aware of the need for international liaisons with other eldritch espionage organisations.

Misc Information

In addition to her role as Minister, Emry is also a supernumerary member of the Order of the Thistle (awarded ████-██-██), and an Honorary Visitant to the Shadow Parliament.