A DSR field agent specialising in infiltration, hand-to-hand combat and small firearms.

Early Life

Farah and her twin brother Massoud were born in South London to Darius Sherazi, an Iranian-American doctor working abroad, and Lena Fox, a local librarian. Their mother was killed in a traffic accident when the children were 6, and their father moved back to the States with them the following year.

Farah remembers very little of her mother, and her father was distant in the years after her death, leaving the twins to become independent and tomboyish.


During high school, Farah signed up for self-defence classes after several bullying incidents relating to her ethnicity. She did not tell her father at first, for which he was furious, but once he had calmed down and learned about her aptitude he permitted her to continue taking the classes – on the proviso that she keep him absolutely informed about such things in future. (Given her line of work, it's safe to say she has not kept this up.)

Farah studied forensics and psychology in college, showing a decent level of skill. Her martial arts training continued into adulthood with black belts in judo and aikido, and lower belts in a couple of others.


Farah's skillset proved advantageous when she moved rapidly through investigative positions with the local PD and was eventually picked up by a government agency and eventually transferring to the DSR.